Spotlight: CURVE TGE NSF

Graffiti is in a way a peer-review process: The merit of your work is judged by your peers, and you are given your propers accordingly. There’s much more naysaying, disagreement and wild opinion-throwing that goes along with the whole thing than there is consensus. One of the honest parts of it is that the walls don’t lie, and unlike other art forms, your work doesn’t need to be contextualized within the grand scheme of things by a statement of purpose.

CURVE TGE is the kind of writer whose work isn’t confined within a specific era’s “isms”, and who, if mentioned in the company of writers from a multitude of eras, unanimously gets head nods and votes of approval.
From gritty city walls to subway tunnels, clean trains and freights, to full color burners, in the States and abroad, his work stands out as being both fresh, and timeless.

Been down for being down for whatever since before I started, CURVE is a huge inspiration, and aside from his influence on me, stays schooling his peers on the basics.