Three Is A Charm: An Ironlak Project

MUCH and I started “Three is a Charm” with the goal of making painting graffiti, something that’s already fun to do, be even more fun. Plus, everyone loves a challenge.

Having color use be the primary focus of the “Three is a Charm” project brings choosing colors to the forefront of painting a piece, something that has always been secondary to letter structure for each of us. Conversely, minimizing the number of colors in the piece makes the letters really stand out.

For each piece, we discuss color combinations that seemed offbeat or unusual, and then narrow the combinations to groups of three. Where and how the three colors will be laid down is kept quiet until the following morning. Beyond the three main colors, we get to throw in a fourth ‘secret weapon’ color of our choice, but agreed that it couldn’t be used for more that 5-10% of the given piece. After the color combo is designated, each of us goes and paints using the ingredient list. Afterwards, we showed each other what we did, and are always surprised with the results.

As luck would have it, we put our colors in the same place (fill, outline, background), and came close to choosing the same secret weapon on our first challenge.