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“Having recently participated in GRAFFUTURISM’s collective painting project “In Situ” down at Art Basel,I can

Photo Recap Graffuturism “In situ” Mural Installations Foreword by Eric HazePhoto Recap Graffuturism “In situ” Mural Installations Foreword by Eric Haze

“We can only advance our culture only by our own accounting’ This is my sentiment


MUCH and I started “Three is a Charm” with the goal of making painting graffiti,

Three Is A Charm: An Ironlak ProjectThree Is A Charm: An Ironlak Project

Always an abecedarian, apprentice to the streets, pupil of the pavement,
Jurne got his start in the slanguage arts watching the freight train
wheels go round and round throughout the Northeast United States.
8/11 Infamous 4, Studio 39, New York, NY
8/11      Round Trip, Flat Color Gallery, Seattle WA
7/11      Tales of the City: The works of Jurne, Abno and Dr. Sex, Old Crow Gallery, Oakland CA
6/11      Pen Pushers, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco CA
5/11      Positive Negative, Cassel Gallery, San Francisco CA
4/11      Stand Tall II, Old Crow Gallery, Oakland CA
2/11      Outside In1am Gallery, San Francisco CA
4/10      The Exchange, Common Ground Gallery, Berlin Germany
8/08      A Hip Hop Jam for Justice: Darfur Benefit Show, Space Gallery, Portland ME
6/11      Graffiti Burners, Bjorn Almqvist, Dokument Press
6/11      Color Theory, Infamous Magazine
5/10      Journey into Darkness, The Flop Box
4/10      The Exchange, From Here to Fame Publishing