“We can only advance our culture only by our own accounting’ This is my sentiment heading into the new year 2012. Ive questioned post graffiti early on since my early visits to N.O.G.A (Nation of Graffiti Artist- circa 1978), the first place I had every seen graffiti painted on canvas by the likes of Kase2, …


Recently completed this commercial job with 1AM for PocketChange, a San Francisco-based mobile gaming company.

Spotlight: Yes2

The simplest ideas are always the hardest to communicate well. Intrepid colorist, purveyor of funk, (impossibly true) tirelessly untrendy trend setter and tradition torch bearer in one, Yes2 has been above the bar and apart from the rat pack in all aspects of his fame name spray game since forever.

Three Is A Charm: An Ironlak Project

MUCH and I started “Three is a Charm” with the goal of making painting graffiti, something that’s already fun to do, be even more fun. Plus, everyone loves a challenge. Having color use be the primary focus of the “Three is a Charm” project brings choosing colors to the forefront of painting a piece, something …